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Dr. Mary Spencer & Dr. Tim Ryan
October 2006

Welcome to our office's Chiropractic newsletter. We'd like to entertain you, inform you (and even inspire you a little).


Are your children watching you get adjusted or watching you take drugs?

Children learn what they grow up with. Want them to stay away from drugs or do you want them running to the medicine cabinet for every ache or sniffle?


Are you teaching them to respect their body's natural healing ability? Are they learning about natural resistance to disease?


Teach them about chiropractic's drug-free, natural approach to health. Teach them about good nutrition.  Teach them about the need to avoid drugs and surgery as much as possible.

Bring your kids up with chiropractic care and they (and their children) will be healthier and happier for it - and so will you. (1)

In most states Part A of the law says, "No shots, no school," but most parents don't know that Part B of the law says, "If you don't want them you don't have to have them." No one is told about Part B. Every state has exemptions; go to http://www.thinktwice.com/ and click on "immunization laws."

Your body has 650 muscles and all of them need healthy nerves to function properly.

You think of moving your toe and you move it. You throw a football to a running receiver and the pass is completed. How do you make your muscles move?


The answer is nerves. Messages travel over your nerves from your brain to every muscle in your body.


Without a constant nerve supply your muscles would shrivel up (that's why stroke victims' muscles atrophy).

But if you have a subluxation in your body your nerves can be affected and your muscles won't work properly. What is a subluxation? It is a distortion in your body structure that affects your body balance, posture, nerves, discs, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, body chemistry and overall body function. If you are not balanced your muscles will be affected. Some of your muscles will become tight while others will be flaccid. If you have a subluxation for a long time you may have chronic (long-standing) muscle problems. This will drain your energy, leaving you tired all the time.


But subluxations also affect your nerves, and that can cause pain, muscle spasm, contraction, muscle weakness and muscular in-coordination. You may seem clumsy and unbalanced, or not as strong and energetic as you once were. Maybe you just can't seem to get a good golf swing.


Chiropractors are specially trained to locate and correct (or adjust) subluxations. For healthy muscles, better balance, healthier nerves and more energy, a chiropractic checkup (and adjustment) is essential. Especially come to see us if you're going to join a gym, are working out regularly or have a competition. (You can also come in if you have muscles - that means you!)

Did you know?

Your body contains nine pints of blood! Your blood travels along 62,000 miles of blood vessels. If stretched out, these vessels could go around the equator 2.5 times!!

Your nerves control the size of many of the blood vessels that go to your internal organs. A subluxation can affect your blood vessels that go to all your organs, including those that go to your heart!

Chiropractic care is essential to make sure your body is free from subluxations so your nerves will be able to send proper messages to all your blood vessels and your organs will get all the blood they need.

Margot Sunderland, one of Britain's leading experts on children's mental health, advises parents to sleep with their children until the age of five. The practice, known as "co-sleeping," makes children more likely to grow up to be calm, healthy adults.

Sunderland outlines her advice in her new book The Science of Parenting that is based on 800 scientific studies. She reveals that the practice of training children to sleep alone from a few weeks old is harmful because any separation from parents increases the flow of stress hormones. "Co-sleeping until the age of five is an investment for the child." One study found some 70% of women who had not been comforted when they cried as children developed digestive difficulties as adults. (2)

(The photo is a new look at the magnetic structure of the sun. From a NASA satellite. See more solar views at http://www.solarviews.com/eng/sun.htm)


The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer but don't miss your chance in the sun. Few things are as essential to good health as sunlight. Please remember to get some sun. Research is showing that sunlight is good for you. Rather than causing cancer, sunlight actually prevents it.


A recent article in the esteemed British Medical Journal has this gem in it: Reducing exposure to solar radiation, far from preventing cancer, may have the opposite effect. (3) Another peer-reviewed medical journal discovered that the closer you live to the equator, the less your chances of getting cancer. As the paper states "The association between latitude and breast cancer suggests that higher UV-B exposure is protective.spurs production of vitamin D.. Other research suggests vitamin D may help ward off cancer." (4)


Which cancers increase due to lack of sunlight? Thirteen malignancies have an inverse correlation to solar radiation including reproductive and digestive cancers.especially breast, colon, ovary and prostate cancer and non-Hodgkins lymphoma. (5)


It's not just protection from cancer.studies show that sunlight also lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and lowers blood sugar. Sunlight also increases endurance, sex hormones and resistance to infection.


And.avoid sunscreen; it causes cancer. Sunscreens cause free radicals that can cause cancer, and sunscreen chemicals have been shown to have estrogen-like qualities that mimic sexual hormones, affecting sexual health in both children and adults. Statistics are revealing that the more sunscreen use, the more skin cancer. "Sunscreen use is associated with an increased risk of melanoma skin cancer...high nevi (mole) count in adults is a strong predictor of melanoma. sunscreen use appears to be associated with development of nevi.sunscreen use may be involved in melanoma occurrence." (6)

No matter what disease or condition a person has, they need a body free from subluxations. You may know many people who are sick and suffering and living with numerous subluxations in their body because no one told them to try chiropractic.

Infertility. A 32-year-old woman had attempted to become pregnant for two years with no success from artificial insemination, a fertility drug and in vitro fertilization. She also had endometriosis, low back pain and headaches. After 6 weeks of chiropractic care, her low back pain and headaches improved dramatically and her fertility specialists noted that her estrogen levels, endometrial thickness and cervical mucus levels were healthier. A second in vitro fertilization was successful. (7)

Advanced Spinal Degeneration. A 30-year-old man had spinal ankylosing spondylitis (AS) joint degeneration. There is no medical cure for AS which ultimately causes complete fusion of spinal joints, immobility and disability. In the previous 10 years of medical care, his condition was worsening and he had constant low back, hip and neck pain. After 12 weeks of chiropractic care, he reported an overall improvement in how he felt as well as his flexibility. His quality of life improved. (8)

Visual Recovery. An elderly man experienced a complete loss of vision following head trauma. It was determined that optometric and ophthalmological treatments were not indicated. The patient was referred to a chiropractor and after a series of chiropractic adjustments the patient's vision returned. (9)

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

 - Mother Theresa

A 2006 study in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) shows that aspartame (NutraSweet and Equal) increased the risk of cancer (malignant tumors, lymphomas and leukemia) in rats. The rats received aspartame at dosages simulating human daily intakes. The authors of the study called for an "urgent re-evaluation" of guidelines for aspartame consumption.


Aspartame is found in more than 6,000 products including soft drinks, hot chocolate, chewing gum, candy, desserts, yogurt and tabletop sweeteners -even vitamins and cough drops! If it says sugar-free, check the label. Aspartame is also addictive and MAKES YOU GAIN WEIGHT. People using aspartame and other artificial sweeteners gain weight because of the drug's effects on the pancreas and insulin levels. What to do? Use stevia, a natural, plant-based sweetener, and real sugar, with all its faults, is far healthier than synthetic sugar. (10)

From the New England Journal of Medicine: "Eating margarine can increase heart disease in women by 53% over eating the same amount of butter. " (11)

Birthday Calculator tells you how many hours and seconds you have been alive on this earth and when you were probably conceived. It will also show you what the moon looked like the night you were born.  http://www.paulsadowski.com/birthday.asp

The next time you come home for the night don't put your car keys away -  instead, keep them next to your bed. Believe it or not your keys are a security alarm system that requires no installation.


This is how it works: if you think someone is trying to get into your house or if you hear a suspicious noise just press the panic alarm on your car key. It will go off from most everywhere inside your house and will keep honking until you press the button again.


Odds are the burglar or rapist won't stick around...after a few seconds all the neighbors will be looking out their windows to see who is out there and sure enough the criminal won't want that.


Try yours to make sure it works before you rely on it. Remember to carry your keys while walking to your car in a parking lot. The alarm can work the same way. This is something that should really be shared with everyone. It could save a life or prevent a sex crime.

Summer Camp 2006: "Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda" Has Been Replaced by "Hello Druggist, Hello MD" http://news.yahoo.com/s/huffpost/20060827/cm_huffpost/025975

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Bye, and thanks for reading this far down. Thanks for being our patient, and letting us care for you. We really do appreciate you. Write back and let us know what you think of our newsletter. Want copies for friends? Let us know. Don't forget to stop by for a spinal adjustment so you can be at your best. And remember, friends don't let friends stay subluxated. Bring your friends and loved ones for a spinal checkup.

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