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Dr. Mary Spencer & Dr. Tim Ryan
May 2006

Welcome to our office's Chiropractic newsletter. We'd like to entertain you, inform you (and even inspire you a little).

In nothing do men approach so nearly to the Gods, as in giving health to men. - Cicero

Below is an actual chiropractic newspaper
ad from 1899 with a photo of DD Palmer, the
discoverer of chiropractic.
. Special Report: If Your Neck is Subluxated (continued)
. Cartoon - The Town of Allopath
. Do You Know That Miracles are Happening to You?
. Chiropractic and Spinal Research
. Early Antibiotics May Increase Asthma Risk
. Antibiotics Increase Chances of Getting Breast Cancer
. Words of Wisdom
. Home Birth as Safe as Hospital Birth
. Love and Cancer Survival
. Humor
. References

Special report: If your neck is subluxated (continued)

Last month we discussed the top two bones of your neck, your atlas (C1) and your axis (C2). You have seven neck (cervical) vertebrae in all. What are the names of the others? Simple: C3, C4, C5, C6 and C7.

When you have a subluxation of your neck vertebrae, certain nerves and areas are affected. Below are some of the more common findings.

C3: Nerves from C3 go to your cheeks, outer ear, face, teeth and lungs. Neuralgia, neuritis, acne, pimples, dry skin and other conditions are noted in C3 subluxations.
C4: Nerves from C4 go to your nose, lips, mouth, eustachian tube, mucus membranes and lung. Hay fever, hearing problems, tonsillitis and other conditions are noted in C4 subluxations.
C5: Nerves from C5 go to your vocal cords, neck glands, and pharynx. Laryngitis, hoarseness, throat conditions and other conditions are noted in C5 subluxations.
C6: Nerves from C6 go to your neck muscles, shoulders and tonsils. Stiff neck, pain in the upper arm, weakness in the arm, loss of grip strength and other conditions have been noted in C6 subluxations.
C7: Nerves from C7 go to your thyroid gland, shoulder bursa and elbows. Bursitis, thyroid, shoulder and other conditions have been noted in C7 subluxations.

Make sure you see your chiropractor to ensure that your cervical spine (neck) is in proper alignment.

Cartoon - The Town of Allopath

View this great little animated cartoon about the differences between the medical and the natural approach to life and health. It's called Welcome to the Town of Allopath. Go to: www.mercola.com/townofallopath/index.htm

Do You Know That Miracles are Happening to You?

You are surrounded by miracles.

Last night you went to sleep, lost consciousness and without thinking about it you kept breathing all night. While this was going on, your mind slipped through different levels of consciousness, each with its own mysterious function to keep you healthy. Eventually your brain brought you to consciousness. You woke up! In a sense you came back to life! You never worry about waking up when you go to sleep but it's a miracle just the same.

You opened your eyes and saw light, colors and objects. Your ears heard sounds, perhaps your nose smelled breakfast - all these events are coordinated by thousands and millions of nerves and chemical reactions in your brain and sense organs.

You probably went to the bathroom. Why? Because a prior meal was digested and assimilated to give you energy and raw materials for repair and regeneration. While you slept your liver, kidneys, bladder and bowels worked to cleanse your blood, collect waste and ready it for elimination. Elimination of wastes is a wonderful thing; without it you'd quickly become toxic and die. All your internal pipes and tubes are incredibly complex and yet they work in a smooth coordinated manner.

Then you noticed that you're hungry for breakfast! Wow, your body told your conscious mind that you needed nourishment. Hunger is wonderful - it lets you know your digestion is working properly. All this and more happened before you opened the door to your bedroom! What's next?

A day of more miracles of course.

Please don't take life for granted. So much magic is inside you so that you may fulfill your life's purpose.

Chiropractic and Spinal Research

Do you know anyone ill, living on drugs or suffering? They may have years of uncorrected subluxations in their body. Please tell them about chiropractic.

Bed-wetting (two case studies). Case #0991 is of a five-year-old female who had been wetting her bed for 6 months; she was prescribed antibiotics for what MDs diagnosed as a bladder infection. After the second chiropractic adjustment, she stopped wetting her bed for 3 weeks. She had a bad fall and began to wet her bed again. Following her next adjustment, she remained dry.
Case #0419 is of a nine-year-old male who wet his bed almost every day of his life. During his first 6 months of chiropractic he'd remain dry for 1 or 2 days after his adjustments. A change in adjustments to the sacrum resulted in greater improvement. He is now dry for one-half to two-thirds of the nights between adjustments. (1)
Urinary incontinence. A 12-year-old girl had left lower back and flank pain and involuntary urine loss after she fell backwards and landed on her coccyx. After her first adjustment her lower back pain decreased 50% and urine "leakage" improved. After a few months all back pain and all urinary incontinence disappeared. At follow-up 16 months later there was no return of symptoms. (2) Heart disease. "Upper thoracic subluxations are common in heart patients; the subluxations appeared months or years before the cardiac symptoms. Koch reports that many heart patients reported heart disease following thoracic trauma with marked subjective and objective improvement following spinal care. Out of 150 cases, no cardiac deaths occurred during the spinal corrective program." (3)

Early Antibiotics May Increase Asthma Risk

Chiropractors and other natural healers recommend no antibiotics except under extreme conditions . That is because antibiotics have many side effects, do not address the cause of lowered resistance, suppress illness and drive the condition deeper to create chronic disease.

There are numerous reports showing antibiotics (and vaccinations) cause asthma. In fact, asthma has increased dramatically over the last three decades while antibiotic and vaccine use have also increased.

In a study appearing in the medical journal Chest of 12,082 children, the likelihood of developing asthma doubled if they received antibiotics before age one. Every additional course of antibiotics during the first year of life increased asthma by 16%. (4)

Antibiotics Increase Chances of Getting Breast Cancer

Greater dangers of antibiotics were powerfully revealed in a study of more than 2,000 women with breast cancer. It was found that the risk of breast cancer increased with the amount of antibiotics used. Those who took the most antibiotics had the most, and most deadly, breast cancer. It didn't matter what the antibiotics were prescribed for.

Happily, more people are pursuing alternatives to antibiotics. If you are prone to infection the problem is not with the germs (they are always there). The problem is you are out of balance or toxic. Healthcare providers such as chiropractors, naturopaths, nutritionists, homeopaths, herbalists and others work to rebalance your system and get to the cause of body malfunction. (5)

Words of Wisdom

Higher Organizing Principle

I have never been able to accept fully the idea that [life] is the result of molecular accidents.... I have always been seeking some higher organizing principle that is leading the living system towards improvement and adaptation. - Albert-Szent Gyorgy, Ph.D. (Nobel Prize laureate discoverer of Vitamin C), from his essay, "What is life?"

Home Birth as Safe as Hospital Birth

The June 18, 2005 issue of the British Medical Journal found that women who chose home deliveries with the help of a certified midwife had no difference in number of problems from those who gave birth in a hospital. The study involved data on more than 5,400 women who planned midwife-assisted deliveries at home.

In addition to home birth being just as safe, there is often greater bonding between mother and baby when birth is at home. There is less stress due to unfamiliar surroundings and, very importantly, the mother is able to give antibodies and other infection protections to the baby that are perfectly suited for her home environment.(6)

Love and Cancer Survival

Love, relationships and connections have repeatedly been shown to offer protection against cancer. In one study 68 patients with malignant melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer, were divided into two groups. Group A received regular medical care. Group B received regular medical care and also met with others in a support group.
Six years after the initial diagnosis only 3 of the 34 patients in Group B had died compared to 10 of the 34 in Group A - 60% less death, with about half the amount of recurrence. (7)


Problem Name
The famous Olympic skier Picabo Street (pronounced Peek-A-Boo) is not just an athlete...she is now a nurse currently working in the Intensive Care Unit of a large metropolitan hospital. She is not permitted to answer the hospital telephones. It caused too much confusion when she would answer the phone and say. . . "Picabo, ICU".
(A good clean joke is hard to find these days - pass it on!)

See you next month. Please remember that everyone needs to be free from subluxations so bring your friends and loved ones for a spinal checkup.

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